About Metelec

Our mission is to know and meet the requirements of our customers, and to provide the best quality products and services at the best possible price. To fulfill this mission, we rely on our human resources, professionalism, team spirit and the desire to be the best in our field. Metelec aims to provide superior products in a continuously improving environment.

Situated in the industrial park of Saint Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec, Metelec occupies 26000 square feet of production area. Newly acquired property will add 13000 square feet and eventually another 10000 square feet of production area will be added.

Our location, being in close proximity to Montreal and to the US border, assures us of a reliable supply of material and skilled labour.

Metelec was established in 1963 and has grown over the years as a family business. Our goal is keeping our customers satisfied by providing them quality products and services within the required time frame and at competitive prices. Our strength lies in custom fabrication with small to medium volume production runs. All of our welders and our welding procedures are approved and certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau.

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State of the art equipment, qualified personel and CWB certification

The desired quality of any assembled product is directly related to the precision of all its components. Metelec makes use of qualified personnel and high precision machinery for material preparation. We also subcontract parts that require the laser precision and finish in order to insure that the desired quality is met.