Draftsperson – programmer


Supervisor: President

Division: Administrative Services

Main Responsabilities:

The worker, from preliminary concepts, sketches and plans, develops and prepares, using a computer workstation, designs sets, subsets and details for manufacturing purposes.

  • Outlining specifications and drawings from concrete data dimensional calculations.
  • Develop and prepare compliant drawings.
  • Operate equipment for computer assisted design drawings in 2 or 3 dimensions.
  • Develop into a plan the drawings of the bent parts.
  • Sort and prioritize drawings.
  • Verify drawings in order to detect errors.
  • Prepare instructions or guides on how to use the drawings.
  • Perform the programming of the parts.
  • Perform all other connected tasks attributed by the supervisor.
  • Apply all CSST rules.


Training and Knowledge:

  • Professional degree in industrial design or equivalent.
  • Must know how to work a computer. (Autocad, Excel, Tops 300)


  • More than one year of experience in the field.


  • Sense of observation
  • Meticulous
  • Creativity
  • Critical
  • Strong organizational skill
  • Reading plans (drawings)


Proficiency in:

  • The worker must maintain a high concentration and be attentive to detail during the accomplishment of the task.
  • The employee must work constantly sitting and must work on a computer for long periodes of time.