Inspector – quality control


Supervisor: Quality Control Supervisor

Division: Quality Control

Main Responsabilities:

The employee checks according to certain criteria and inspection techniques that the manufactured pieces are conform to the plans, that they follow manufacturing standards and that they are of good quality.

  • Inspect various products and parts manufactured in the factory.
  • Check the dimensions and angles of the first manufactured pieces for compliance with plans and manufacturing specifications.
  • Verify visually or with the appropriate tools the manufacturing quality of the finished products (welds, materials, finishing, etc.)
  • Take note of all deviations from specifications and tolerances and record the results.
  • Accept, reject or correct the products according to their degree of conformity and quality control.
  • Identify nonconforming pieces or products (red label)
  • Perform a follow up of the repairs on the nonconforming products or pieces.
  • Inspect the corrections or modifications done on products or pieces that did not follow conformity of the plans.
  • Write inspection and non-compliance reports and update the database.
  • Make a report on the cost of non-compliant products and pieces.
  • Advise a supervisor about any non-compliance for future preventive and corrective actions.
  • Help other co-workers in interpreting plans and advise them during assembly steps.
  • Inspect materials, products and hardware on their incoming.
  • Write and compile compliance reports on incoming pieces and products.
  • Verify, calibrate and maintain measuring instruments used during inspections.
  • Perform all other connected tasks attributed by the supervisor.
  • Apply all CSST rules.
  • To carry out the work, the worker must use in addition to the measuring devices, a lift truck and winches.


Training and Knowledge:

  • Professional degree or equivalent.
  • Certificate of machining qualification.
  • Knowledge in computers. (Excel, Word, Access, Autocad)


  • Minimum of three (3) years in the field of machining qualification.
  • Experienced in reading and interpreting plans and drawings.


  • Autonomy
  • Meticulous
  • Reading plans (drawings)
  • Reading a tape measure, protractor and vernier (metric measures and might be in English)


Proficiency in:

  • The worker is in constant movement (standing, kneeling, bending over) and must lift weights (more than 20 kg.).
  • The worker must maintain a high concentration and be attentive to detail during the accomplishment of the task.